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Your Ticket to Healing

Because of my education, empathic skills, dedication and experience, sessions with me are at premium pricing. You are guaranteed to experience the healing of 4 sessions with other therapists in just one session with me.  However, I never want to turn a client away because he or she feels that they cannot afford my services. Please talk to me if you need assistance.

Medical Massage, Energy Work, Naturopathy, etc:

All 60 min sessions are $135.

All 90 min sessions are $175. 

Hand Massage

Holistic Medicine

Sessions that involve helping conditions that may not involve massage involve the same pricing as massage sessions. 

First Consult: $165 (usually 90 minutes and includes treatments)

60 min consult: $125

90 min consult: $165


usually are a 60-90 day supply and are about $49 per bottle.

CBD healing cream: Please click on this link for pricing and information about this:


Pricing: Treatments
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